Honeymoon Series: Day 3 & 4

Our Honeymoon Series is just a short glimpse into our fun adventures with a fun clip of our “recaps” throughout each day.

Day 3: Disney’s Castaway Cay

After a bit of a sea sick night (I’m still working on getting my sea legs) we started our second day on our cruise with a visit to Disney’s private island – Castaway Cay. It was quite exciting to see how the entire ships crew started the morning filling out the island shops and restaurants.

We started the day with a bike ride around the island, out to the farthest part of the island and then off to the adults only beach. My favorite part was just relaxing in the water, no kids and lots and lots of sunshine.


I know, sorry for the terrible audio!! Here’s some pictures to help complete the picture of our Castaway Cay adventures:

Day 4: Bahama’s Atlantis

And so the adventure continues – with Atlantis and probably one of my favorite dream come true moment, interacting with Dolphins! On our way from the cruise ship to Atlantis was so much fun, and we had a pretty great driver – see for yourself:


Okay okay, so the drive there was a blast… but now to the actual fun part, DOLPHINS! After spending lots of time on the not so lazy river, we headed over the dolphin area to get started. Fitted with wet suits, and stripped of our phones we headed to the water to play with some of the Katrina survivor dolphins. We got to pet, high-five and watch her do fun tricks and spins in the water. Some of my favorite pictures below:


Keep an eye out for day 5 & 6 coming soon!