Honeymoon Series: Day 1 & 2

It’s only been a week since we got back and it’s been honestly very fun going through all our videos and pictures. Our Honeymoon Series is just a short glimpse into our fun adventures with a fun clip of our “recaps” throughout each day.

Day 1: Traveling, Florida & Disney Springs

Traveling is something we’ve always loved, and of course getting to our destination is all part of the fun! Our flight was pretty early in the morning, so we were able to make it to Florida early enough to head to Disney Springs for dinner at the Boathouse (amazing food!) – even though the hotel somehow lost our reservation.

My favorite memories you ask:

  • Getting Tinus to try Popeye’s cajun fries for the first time, he loved it!
  • Playing Quirkle on the flight, Tinus cheated as per usual (wink wink).
  • Watching the fireworks while having the most amazing pulled pork sandwich I think I have ever had at the Boathouse.

Day 2: Disney Cruise Bound

An early morning, with about an hour drive to Port Canaveral and we finally made it to our cruise ship – Disney Dream! Which just happened to be the best looking cruise ship in dock by a mile. So as with any new place you go, we spent the majority of day 2 exploring the cruise ship, planning out the next day’s activities from the daily Navigator provided, and eating way too much ice cream. Did you know that each Disney Cruise ship has all unique and original artwork on each floor – it was like taking a tour through each original Disney movie frame by frame.

Don’t worry, there is lots more to come on the rest of our cruise.