It feels like it’s only been a week, and here we’re already at our monthiversary. It’s crazy how different the first month is than what I expected, all good of course.

I definitely forgot how it feels to have some free time available again… it didn’t take very long to see how much time wedding planning had taken away from our every day. Although I will say we’ve been spending all that extra time re-organizing the house to fit all of our wonderful new additions. I honestly am beyond excited to get baking again with all my new gadgets.

Although we had a great month so far, it has been a very busy crazy month… and the next month is going to be even crazier! We’re ending the month with my last two weeks at my current position at Monarch Beach Resort, and with Tinus’ finishing up their yearly conference in Westlake Village. So the next month starts with a new job, and some resting time for Tinus… and lots and lots of planning for our Honeymoon.

So excited!!


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