A Day In Hollywood 

What a great way to celebrate our dads birthday! With only a few days left with family we started the day off with cake and the birthday song… before we headed towards Hollywood for the day. 

The Walk of Fame, Disney’s pop shop, and the Chinese Theatre. It’s always so wonderful to see places you’ve been to time and time again, through the eyes of a tourist who gets to take it all in for the first time. 

Moving on from Hollywood we had a chance to stop by Rodeo drive for a Sprinkles cupcake treat for the birthday boy. And last but not least, ending the day at Santa Monica beach. Walking on the pier with the crowd, seeing all the kids running around… and of course a cup of Dippin Dots basically made for the perfect end. 

It’s been a long time since I had the chance to spend some time walking down the pier. Sometimes I feel like we rush through everything, and the two weeks after our wedding it really felt like we’ve been going from appointment to appointment. So to take a moment to walk the pier, see the ocean and watch the birds. It was wonderful to take a breath, and drink in all the beauty and blessings from such an important time in our lives. My only wish would have been to be able to share that moment with Tinus. 

It was a wonderful day, perfect in many ways. 


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